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Today, a voyage on a cargo ship can probably be counted among the last individual forms of travel, which provide adventure and relaxation in equal parts. As a guest aboard ships whose primary purpose is to transport cargo across the seas, you will be exposed to a wealth of new impressions.

You will see that a cargo ship voyage is a fascinating affair in this day and age. We make it possible for you to be part of the action up close, so to speak.

Today you let yourself be taken along by the lightly rolling ship, towards other countries, tomorrow you may already be strolling through a southern market, enjoying an espresso under a blue sky in a small street café.

Cargo ship voyages differ in many ways from passages on cruise ships. There is no dress code and no animation. On the cargo ships we arrange, you don’t have to “dress up” for meals. There is no hustle and bustle, there are no crowds. You can look around the ports individually on land. The captain and the crew will often give you valuable suggestions.

You can also still find romance on board. It can be an overwhelming impression to lie with stopped engines for a whole night or longer in the endless ice desert of the Gulf of Finland waiting for the icebreaker. There is complete silence on board, only the wind sings its song as it whistles across the boundless expanse of ice.

It can also be described as romantic when the ship anchors in the estuary of an African port to wait for a free loading berth. From the deck, you watch the blood-red sunset over palm-studded shores, while a light breeze from land wafts the smell of open wood fires and the heavy scent of nature in bloom.

Such moments are always there, even in our modern times. You just have to look for them a little.

You will take home a wealth of impressions. Impressions that will enrich your life in any case and make it a bit more colorful again. You will find the right trip in our brochure. Call us if you have any special questions.

A friendly greeting from the coast wishes you

Your team of Zylmann Frachtschiffreisen

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About us

Through the expert advice of our “crew”, we have won many satisfied regular customers in Germany and abroad since our founding in 1986 and are now one of the largest specialized agents for European and worldwide travel on cargo ships of all sizes.


“Since Tuesday I am back from my trip with the MS “Ruth”. Everything worked out fine and I had a sea voyage as I had imagined. The ship is highly recommended. Thank you very much for your good care and maybe next year I will try again with this ship!

“The trip was wonderful, everything worked out, from embarkation to daytime shore excursions in Helsingborg and Gothenburg. The trip is ideal for first-timers. The port of Rotterdam is a fascinating complex where I felt like I was in another world at times.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the effort and organization. We were able to experience an exciting trip. We met a very open-minded and friendly team and got extremely interesting impressions about logistics and travel.

The cooperation with the shuttle was also great and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Geoffrey for his services.

I would like to plan another voyage with a container ship at a later date and will be happy to tell others about it in my private and professional environment.

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“An unforgettable and impressive trip is behind me. On board everything was to my liking. The chamber is spacious and equipped with everything needed. Throughout the ship there was extreme cleanliness everywhere I looked. Even in the engine room I would eat off the floor, it is so well kept. The crew is extremely polite and helpful. I felt well taken care of and welcomed aboard. The self-evident stay on the bridge, the tour of the engine room – all very interesting.

Special praise also goes to the cook, who provided me and the crew with the best possible food. It was my first cargo ship trip and definitely not my last!”

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